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clinobrite 27 August 2018:

With spring almost upon us, many homeowners will again be faced with the issue of ongoing pool maintenance. Clinobrite from Pratley is an ideal product to cut costs by reducing chlorine consumption, giving homeowners peace of mind to enjoy their swimming pools to the fullest during summer.

Clinobrite is a Zeolite mineral mined exclusively in South Africa by local manufacturer Pratley. It is a direct substitute for ordinary pool-filter sand or glass, scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water, thereby reducing swimming-pool chlorine consumption. Renowned for ongoing innovation, Pratley touts Clinobrite as “a true 21st century filter medium, with both ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties,” manager Andrew Pratley explains.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, Clinobrite grains have a rough surface. This means they can attract and entrap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface, and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. It is estimated that a Clinobrite pool filter can remove 40% to 50% more physical dirt than a traditional sand or outdated glass filter media

As Clinobrite is lighter than ordinary sand, it lifts better during backwash cycles, which means that these are much shorter, thereby saving water. An added benefit is that Clinobrite is even able to entrap minuscule diarrhoea-causing cryptosporidium cysts, which are a major health problem in global municipal water supply.

31 July 2018:

Pratley Since the company was founded in 1948, Pratley has diversified into a wide range of industrial sectors. This year it celebrates its 70th anniversary, with over 1 000 products in its stable, and 350 global patents.

In 2018 alone, the company has introduced four new products, with at least another three in the pipeline. This is in addition to various advances in its manufacturing and production methodologies. “We are committed to research and development (R&D), and we see our future in our ongoing run of new products. I certainly also hope to see us establish a successful global presence,” CEO Kim Pratley comments.

Pratley’s ongoing success is a combination of its intense R&D focus and total in-house control of the manufacturing process. It even runs a mining operation to produce Perlite and Clinoptilolite (zeolite) minerals using proprietary minerals-processing technology.

norton logoIn 1885, seven Worcester entrepreneurs bought the patent for a grinding wheel from Frank Norton, owner of the Water Street Pottery Shop, where the formula for the grinding wheel had been invented. They also bought his company name. And, Norton Company was born.

What began as a tiny start-up, Norton began to grow rapidly. By 1920, we were one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States. As we grew, we diversified into industrial products other than abrasives, and became a major multinational corporation. Norton became a publicly held company in 1962.

In 1990, Norton was acquired by Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest industrial companies. Saint-Gobain began an ambitious program of acquisitions and joint ventures to strengthen its North American business, and undertook extensive modernization in Worcester. In 2001, Norton Company changed our legal entity name to Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

power tools industrial metabo tSteeped in tradition, Metabowerke GmbH in Nürtingen is a manufacturer of power tools for professional users in the core target groups of metalworking and the metal industry as well as the building trade and renovation. Metabo stands for most powerful cordless tools and is the leading provider in the battery pack segment with its LiHD technology.

Metabo formed a collaboration of nine power tool manufacturers, the others being Rothenberger, Mafell, Eisenblätter, Collomix, Haaga, Starmix, Eibenstock and Steinel, in presenting a product that is unprecedented in the industry – a manufacturer-independent battery system.

A system with great user benefit “With professional users in mind the idea for  CAS was created by discussing the requirements and wishes of our users”, states Horst Gabrecht, CEO Metabo. “We intensively discussed the requirements and wishes of our users and in many of these discussions, one request was at the very top of the list:The flexibility to be able to work with only one battery pack system and the machines of different manufacturers.


Your bathroom is one of the most functional spaces in your home so ensuring that it has the right type of lighting is essential. Good lighting in the bathroom is not only functional though – well-considered lighting can take your bathroom’s overall aesthetic from drab to fab with the flick of a switch.

Ambient Lighting
Ideally, your bathroom’s main source of light should come in the form of downlighters. If you’ve decided to go with this option then be sure to choose sealed, waterproof downlights for above the shower as constant exposure to steam can lead to electrical problems further down the line. This said, downlighters are costly. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option then a circular, sealed fluorescent fitting is the way to go. These offer sufficient light for good visibility and don’t use much electricity. This is also a clever option if the bathroom light in your home gets left on throughout the night for the little ones.

Wholesale Housing Supplies (WHS) has always been one of a few route to market principals for Stanley hand tools over the past number of years, but recently the two companies chose to align strategically to grow their significance in each other’s businesses.

NEW STANLEY LOGOThis began with WHS launching Stanley power tools in October last year. “In the first few months of having Stanley power tools in our business, we saw significant sales growth in this category” said William Maroleng, Managing Director Hardware.“This was encouraging, as we could see the value of having a powerful brand like Stanley in our business, likewise, Stanley could see the opportunities of working with WHS; given our extensive national footprint of sales offices and sales people on the ground, as well as our extensive distribution network and the ability to get break bulk supply to the smallest hardware store in the furthest town. It was then that we started discussing the possibilities of growing this relationship on a more strategic partnership level” comments Shelley Galliver, Marketing Director WHS.At an Executive meeting in Dubai at the end of January, the two companies were able to align on a route to market strategy, define a product and brand portfolio for WHS to take to market.

The perfect Kreg Screw assortment for getting started building and for making strong repairs. For the trade, all wood workers and DIYers

Kreg have just launched their new Pocket-Hole Screw Starter Kit the perfect Kreg Screw assortment for getting started building and for making strong repairs. The Kreg® Pocket-Hole Screw Starter Kit provides a right-sized, right-priced assortment of the Kreg Screws that you will want to have for your Kreg Joinery™ projects.

The Pocket-Hole Screw Starter kit contains 260 Kreg Screws in six popular sizes, making it a perfect choice for all your projects if you are buying or have purchased your first Kreg Jig® and are getting started building or repairing and are looking for an assortment that’s perfect for household repairs, then this new pocket hole starter kit is essential.

The Pocket-Hole Screw Starter Kit includes the most-commonly used Kreg Screws, from 25 mm Pan-Head screws for building with 13 mm-thick material, through 64 mm Blue-Kote™ screws for building bigger projects outdoors. They’re all housed in a durable, divided case that keeps the screws organized, and that provides a chart to make selecting the right screw easy.

The award-winning Cellfast® range of garden hoses and accessories is now available in South Africa. Distributed exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa by WHD, a division of WHS, it is a simple-to-use watering system suitable for all domestic purposes.

Key features of the new Cellfast® hoses are a special inner layer to prevent algae build-up inside and an outer layer that has outstanding temperature resistance from +60 degrees to -20 degrees. In addition, the combination of a simple tricot and cross reinforcement make the hoses extremely resistant to twisting and tangling, ensuring the highest durability.

Among the Cellfast® hoses are:

  • · A food quality hose, specially designed for watering herbs and vegetable gardens as no toxins are released.
  • · A three-tube irrigation hose that comes with a set of nozzles and guarantees even watering for the whole length of the hose, saving water and time.

A unique 2-component handle combining screwdriver and T- handle function.

German quality complete with the Felo 15-year warranty FELO SMART SET 06081306 small

Felo Germany’s new Smart double ended screw driver kit comes with their improved construction for one-hand operation, combining screw driver and lockable T-handle.  It´s no longer necessary to unplug the bit to switch between screwdriver and T- handle it’s now a quick simple twist.

All pieces in 1/4" size suitable for cordless screwdrivers, the 2 component handle has the Felo comfortable soft grip outer material for highest torque. The screwdriver and T-handle in one ergonomically refined design, replaces 48 single tools. The bits are made from high-quality bit-steels, exceeding the DIN/ISO requirements by up to 100% with black tips for a precision fit and GS tested for safety

abe1 small

Here’s the Top 10 workplace safety tips every employee should know to help you inform your own workers and create a workplace safety environment based on shared responsibility:

Sikaflex High Tack cartridge01 smallSika is proud to announce the launch of Sikaflex® High Tack, a powerful construction adhesive with high initial tack, suitable for bonding most construction materials over different surfaces for both professional customers and private end users. Sikaflex® High Tack complements the industry-renowned range of Sikaflex® technology, including Sikaflex®-11FC+ and Sikaflex® Crystal Clear.

Sika as always has proved its capacity to bring innovations into the market. Now, we are excited to inform our customer that besides the powerful initial tack, Sikaflex® High Tack is a CE marked sealant for use in interior and exterior façade joints (EN 15651-1 F-EXT-INT  20HM). Sikaflex® High Tack is unique in the market, being a high tack adhesive and an elastic sealant for façade elements.

Various ApplicationsSikaflex Hightack pt new worked small

Due to its powerful grab and fast curing properties, Sikaflex® High Tack is recommended for bonding objects on vertical surfaces or for overhead applications.  Sikaflex® High Tack can be used for bonding wood boards, mouldings, panel bonding, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, metal boxes, interior and exterior wall decorations and various accessories, in bathroom, kitchen, workshops etc.
Sikaflex® High Tack bonds building materials such bricks, stones, ceramics, different metals, concrete, hard, PVC, timber and much more.

puts its success down to its blue chip International brands and its exceptional service to the trade over 32 years

14.01 View 01 NEW BUILDING 50p

Vermont Sales, Southern Africa’s #1 Powertool Accessory Supplier, has delivered exceptional service to the trade for the last 32 years. In doing so, it has developed the top brands like Tork Craft, Alpen, Festool, Triton, Pro-Tech, GAV, Kreg, Fixman MPS, Plugfones, RawlPlug, Olfa, Bessey, Felo, Saw Stop, Schroder, Bondhus, Drill Doctor, Flexipads, Accud, Multi Sharp, Mag-Switch, Nes, Spring Tools, Howard, and many others.

“Powered by Service, focus has always been placed on our brands to develop each individually with its own identity and market position,” said Ryan Hunt Sales Director and son of the company founder Roland Hunt. “As a result, the trade and consumers interact with each product without the emphasis on the company housing these wonderful brands.”


This special INGCO Super Plier set is now available at all AutObarn dealers countrywide at a very special launch price, while stocks last

This unique champion quality set consisting of both long nose and standard pliers plus cutters or more commonly known as snippers are now available from all AutObarn dealers countrywide, the opportunity is now available for all to own a technically advanced lab tested plier set from INGCO Tool Company at a very affordable price.

Plier sets are some of the most commonly used hand tools, used by everyone today, they are necessary for all industry, all types of tradesman, DIYers, no home would not have a plier set somewhere in the home and certainly in every garage.

bosch go 2018 banner 1440

A simple push, a perfect finish, Bosch have created a cordless screwdriver that is four times more powerful than any existing screwdriver.  With its intuitive operation style – just push to drive the screws (Push & Go), plus intelligent E-clutch which stops when you want it to, this is a leader in its field.