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Much like the kitchen, the dining room is a space where family and friends get together to eat, entertain, chat and share special memories. A room with so many applications needs flexible lighting that can be both functional and ambient, depending on a given use of the space. The ambiance of the space is largely determined by the colour and light in the room.


1. Chandeliers are not exclusively reserved for the dining room so don’t be discouraged from placing them throughout your house. Just be sure to consider the size of the room and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. For example, an elaborate chandelier would work best in a large entrance hall, while a mini chandelier would be a good option for the bathroom.

2. Consider the dimensions of the room to determine the best size chandelier for the space. To work out the ideal chandelier diameter, add the room’s width and height together (in metres) and times that number by 10. To work out the ideal height for the chandelier, measure the room height in centimetres and divide that number by 4. With those measurements in mind, you can now shop with a clearer idea of what will work in your space.

Trend identification is a tricky business. Supply chain trends make it yet more complex because they represent the intersections of so many different domains.

What is a supply chain trend-spotter to do? Some pick out particular statistics to make precise, but meaningless forecasts. Others wave their hands and announce sweeping megatrends that sound impressive, but that lack supporting data.

Your business is one of your larger assets, if not the largest, on your personal or your family trust’s balance sheet. It will therefore play an important part in your personal financial planning. Even more important, is to use the correct value for your business, otherwise the result of your financial planning could have the wrong outcome.

Take your buy-and-sell agreement, for example. You and your business partner contracted that the longest living will buy the first dying’s share of the business. The purchase price will be determined at the date of death of the first dying. Both of you took out insurance policies on each other’s lives. The business was valued at the time you contracted. The amount you insured one another’s lives was based on this valuation.

The Hardware Team took the morning off to go and assist Prominent Paints community project and the Kungwini Child and Youth Centre in Pretoria and had a morning of team spirit and fun.


Guaranteed safe parking every time

TC 00246 2 NEW SIZEThe Tork Craft Ultrasonic parking sensor will insure your car is safely parked perfectly every time you park, at home, your office parking without bumping the wall or the many obstacles in your garage. One can do away with the many other markers that are normally used and replace them with this unit, perfect when pulling into a dark garage at night or if you are not concentrating this will give you the perfect park every time.

The unique Tork Craft modern day parking sensor unit takes parking to a new level and allows you to set a stopping TC Parking Sensor 1distance of between 150mm and 1 200mm from a fixed item like the garage wall. It works like a dream, you drive into the garage or parking unit and from 2,2m away and the sensor’s light will turn green, indicating it has picked up your, as you move closer to about 370mm from the pre-set distance, the light on the front wall will turn yellow followed by Red promoting the driver to stop. All 3 lights are super bright and light up the complete back wall of the garage, it is a fool proof unit that can be fitted by any homeowner.

Create amazing Cosplay accessories using Kraftex FrogzEggz12 September 2018: The latest inspiring product to sweep South Africa is a hand-mouldable plastic material from Pratley. Called FrogzEggz®, it’s sure to have the likes of DIYers, arts-and-crafters, cosplay fanatics, teachers, and schoolchildren firing their imaginations to come up with clever and inventive uses, as well as more off-the-wall ideas, for the product.

FrogzEggz® hand-mouldable plastic is aimed at a diverse range of markets: from arts-and-crafts enthusiasts seeking inspiration, to DIYers in search of a new material for car repairs and around-the-home projects, to teachers helping learners unleash their creative potential, as well as cosplay devotees wanting to enhance their designs.

The name is derived from the opaque, granular plastic material that, after being heated in hot water, clumps together to form a transparent, pliable mass that resembles frogs’ eggs. It can then be shaped into a range of objects, from jewellery to glow-in-the-dark figurines, and even costume accessories.

Would you like to know what a good response rate is to your customer satisfaction survey is?

There is an absolutely bulletproof method for calculating the exact response rate which is best for your survey, and your business.

To make this calculation work, you might have to let go of some assumptions you may hold dear, for instance:

  • If you can beat your competitor’s response rate, you’re doing well
  • A low response rate to a satisfaction survey is bad news
  • Your response rate is completely in your control
  • Your response rate is completely out of your control
  • You can know how much of your response rate is within your control, and how much is not.

But as soon as you accept all these things, the calculation works for any survey in any business.

ice logo smallEdition B2B will be adding a new B2C to their stable to create pull through.

From Hardware Edition reaching the decision makers in the industry through to the Contractor purchasing the brand.

Independent Contractors Edition is your direct link to an untapped sector of the market catering for the “bakkie brigade”. Research clearly shows that there is an information gap between manufacturers and consumers. Content will include skill development new products, how to guides, Q&A forum, competitions, legislation, job costing, supplier directory. Can your brand afford to be left out?

 Hardware Edition recently attended the DIY Depot Trade Day held on the 29th August, 2018 and we would like to congratulate all the deserving winners.
Awards were presented by Nareen Daya, CEO of Legendary Retail Brands.



A way of recognising the larger suppliers who have contributed to the Group’s success by way of throughput. These awards are based 100% on throughput for the last financial year. Divisions & regional accounts were added together and the top 10 suppliers were acknowledged. They winners, in alphabetical order, were;

• Araf Industries
• AfriSam
• Excelsior Paints
• Kansai Plascon
• Kwikbuild Cement
• Lafarge Cement
• Matus
• PPC Cement
• Promac
• Saffer

Water timers are the brains of any home watering or irrigation system, and Cellfastâ has two very effective water timers in its extensive, multi-award winning range.

The Cellfastâ manual water timer is ideal for anyone wanting to be waterwise in our water-scarce country. The timer will simply switch off the system once the prescribed time has expired – up to 120 minutes. It is made from durable, high quality plastics.

The Cellfastâ digital water timer, on the other hand, allows watering systems to work completely independently, bringing irrigation systems online and switching them off without daily attention – good for people who want the garden watered without their constant ministrations, and for watering during the warmer part of the day in winter and the cooler mornings and evenings in summer.

surveway he blog tCompanies that do not have a customer feedback system, are working in the dark. You need to know daily what your customers are saying about you, and the simplest way to get instant feedback is by using “smiley face feedback pads”

These show results from one client in their coffee shop. Deli – clearly they need to up their game, but without the feedback system they would only have a “feeling” something was not right, and not sound proof.

This is just part of a short feedback report for our client. By placing feedback pads at various touchpoints within his stores, and bathrooms, he is able to get feedback about the cleanliness of the bathrooms and ensure they stay immaculate and the service from the counter staff and waitrons within his coffee shops/restaurants and deli.

pic1 t28 August 2018

A beautiful rug is a work of art. Whether it's a classic Persian, a handwoven dhurrie or a more contemporary plaited denim and jute piece, rugs deserve to be illuminated in a way that ensures they are enjoyed and appreciated.

The right lighting works to enhance the colours in the rug while also making it look luxurious and welcoming, whereas poor lighting can have the opposite effect by creating shadows that can make the rug look cheap and dull.

Floor rugs need different lighting to wall tapestries, as they are experienced differently. Here are some simple steps for using lights to bring out the best in your floor rugs and wall tapestries.

clinobrite 27 August 2018:

With spring almost upon us, many homeowners will again be faced with the issue of ongoing pool maintenance. Clinobrite from Pratley is an ideal product to cut costs by reducing chlorine consumption, giving homeowners peace of mind to enjoy their swimming pools to the fullest during summer.

Clinobrite is a Zeolite mineral mined exclusively in South Africa by local manufacturer Pratley. It is a direct substitute for ordinary pool-filter sand or glass, scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water, thereby reducing swimming-pool chlorine consumption. Renowned for ongoing innovation, Pratley touts Clinobrite as “a true 21st century filter medium, with both ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties,” manager Andrew Pratley explains.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, Clinobrite grains have a rough surface. This means they can attract and entrap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface, and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. It is estimated that a Clinobrite pool filter can remove 40% to 50% more physical dirt than a traditional sand or outdated glass filter media

As Clinobrite is lighter than ordinary sand, it lifts better during backwash cycles, which means that these are much shorter, thereby saving water. An added benefit is that Clinobrite is even able to entrap minuscule diarrhoea-causing cryptosporidium cysts, which are a major health problem in global municipal water supply.

31 July 2018:

Pratley Since the company was founded in 1948, Pratley has diversified into a wide range of industrial sectors. This year it celebrates its 70th anniversary, with over 1 000 products in its stable, and 350 global patents.

In 2018 alone, the company has introduced four new products, with at least another three in the pipeline. This is in addition to various advances in its manufacturing and production methodologies. “We are committed to research and development (R&D), and we see our future in our ongoing run of new products. I certainly also hope to see us establish a successful global presence,” CEO Kim Pratley comments.

Pratley’s ongoing success is a combination of its intense R&D focus and total in-house control of the manufacturing process. It even runs a mining operation to produce Perlite and Clinoptilolite (zeolite) minerals using proprietary minerals-processing technology.

norton logoIn 1885, seven Worcester entrepreneurs bought the patent for a grinding wheel from Frank Norton, owner of the Water Street Pottery Shop, where the formula for the grinding wheel had been invented. They also bought his company name. And, Norton Company was born.

What began as a tiny start-up, Norton began to grow rapidly. By 1920, we were one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States. As we grew, we diversified into industrial products other than abrasives, and became a major multinational corporation. Norton became a publicly held company in 1962.

In 1990, Norton was acquired by Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest industrial companies. Saint-Gobain began an ambitious program of acquisitions and joint ventures to strengthen its North American business, and undertook extensive modernization in Worcester. In 2001, Norton Company changed our legal entity name to Saint-Gobain Abrasives.