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Award-winning technology from the Austrian drill bit leader

The two new SMASH and SHARP Alpen products have to be the creation of the century, when it comes to technology innovation and clever design. Launched in South Africa on a recent Vermont Sales trade show these new Alpen products made a huge impact to the customers as these new tools are certainly revolutionary when it comes to new drilling technology, viewing the demostrations they were certainly an eye-opening experience and will cause a new interest in the industry


DUST SHARP 3DUST SMASH 3Both the Alpen Dust Extractor Smash and Sharp do similar jobs such as drilling and dust extraction in one single step, offering clean, dust free drill of holes for inserting chemical anchors and perfect for working in critical areas that must be kept free of dust and saving the users from the dangers of dust which is a normal health problem on site. As they remove drill dust where it originates from the tip. Plus saving one the time of cleaning up the work site and cutting valuable work time

The difference being the Alpen Smash is the SDS-plus extraction drill bit with 2 cutting edges, the range of applications is the SDS-plus hammer drill bit for extraction drilling has a low wear and very long service life. A high efficiency drill bit for heavy duty drilling in concrete, natural stone and brickwork. Offering fast and precise drilling

Alpen Sharp is the Tungsten carbide extraction drill bit for brick with SDS-plus shank, the range application a special drill bit for shatter-proof rotary drilling of solid and cavity bricks as well as tiles. The unique cutting geometry prevents the cavities from breaking up and thereby ensures a secure dowel hold. Supplying optimum drilling performance thanks to a special point shape

DUST SHARP 5Both products have their special drilling tip and treatment plus the hollow centre for the dust extraction offering superb quality drilling all come with the dust extractor mechanism on each drill bit shaft. A full selection of 6 sizes and lengths are also available from 6 x 220/100 mm to 16 x 370/250 mm


DUST SHARP 2Alpen Drills is a leading, quality blue-chip brand in the Vermont Sales company and are available at all leading stores countrywide for more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site Trade enquiries welcome