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 A must have for every home kitchen, workshop and industry using scissors and knives

The Multi Sharp MS1901 Knife and Scissor sharpener, has become one of the most popular and successful sharpeners worldwide for the Multi Sharp group. As it can sharpen a most knives and scissors. It sharpens right and left-handed scissors, restoring a very sharp edge to the correct perfect angle, it is suitable for all smooth edge knives, cleavers, choppers and mezzalunas.


The perfect tool for all kitchens, workshops and DIYers as it quickly restores a very sharp edge, even on large, blunt kitchen knives and scissors.

With the back edge of the knife on a flat surface, simply draw the sharpener across the cutting edge. After 5-6 passes, the tungsten carbide sharpening heads restore a sharp edge right up to the tip, even on the bluntest edges. The tungsten carbide sharpening heads are reversible to double their life and replacement heads are available

They are not suitable for serrated or scalloped-edges knives, Multi Sharp have a special model to handle these knives.

For scissor sharpening simply push the blades through the tungsten carbide sharpening head, repeat up to 10 times, to get edges sharp enough to cleanly cut tissue paper.

One can also view all the on-line video’s and instructions on all the Multi Sharp products by going to and clicking on Multi Sharp.

About Multi Sharp

Multi-Sharp is a specialist tool sharpening manufacturer, with jigs and tools for sharpening drill bits, shears, pruners, chainsaws, scissors, lawn mowers and many more cutting blades. Their sharpening range covers almost every tool with a blade or cutting edge, in the home, workshop, business, garden and general industry.

For more updated information on the Multi-Sharp range, go to the Vermont Sales web site and look for Multi-Sharp. Their product range is available from all leading suppliers’ country wide, to find out who your nearest supplier is or for more information call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711.  Trade enquiries welcome