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TC GUN KIT KT2789 PackagingThis KT 2789 set has been manufactured to be used on over 100 new and antique firearms models

Tork Craft has created and produced this exclusive tailor made 89-piece gun repair and maintenance screwdriver tool bit set for all gun owners, gun shops, hunters, collectors, gun smiths, target and combat shooters. Designing all the induvial tools bits to fit all the popular brand firearms covering rifles, shot guns, antiques and all handguns.

Designed and created on request this unique tool set comes in a heavy-duty plastic case, with the 89 bits to fit all gun screw slots tight and correctly to prevent damage when repairing, servicing and maintaining. This set has been manufactured to be used on over 100 new and antique firearms models. The set consists following tool bits, 54 Hollow-ground flat bits, 15 speciality Gunsmith bits, 5 Allen key bits, 4 Phillips bits, 3 Torx bits, Square Hex adaptor, 3” Shaft extension, Regular and short length non slip handles, all in the durable heavy carry case, with built in rulers, handy compartment for parts or extra bits plus the bit location guide. The over moulded two handles have a one-piece steel shank the shorter one is to get into tight spaces


The special Hollow-ground flat bits are much better than the standard shaped flat bits as they are specially designed to have a curvature from the tip up rather than being tapered like the standard flat bits. This allows for the Hollow-ground flat bits to perfectly snugly fit the gun screw slot which prevents damage and stripping of the screw and slot head keeping it looking in perfect condition.

This Tork Craft KT 2789 is an exclusive tailor-made tool set for all gun owners, repairers, gunsmith, gun shops hunters, combat shooters, target shooters offering every bit type for over a 100 new and antique gun models.

The new Tork Craft 89-piece Professional Gun Maintenance Screw Driving Tool Set is now available to customers from selected retail outlets countrywide, call Vermont Sales for your nearest outlet. For more information call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web sites or Trade enquiries welcome