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Marks up to 50 000 times

TC ME07825 PackagingThis new Tork Craft measure and mark all in one tape measure is a must have for all users, wood workers, DIYers, workshops, carpenters, builders, construction, all homeowners and the general service industry. Tape measures are used by everyone, its one of the first and most important tool or accessory one buys and a must have. Most users will own a few tape measures, for the home, workshop and in the workplace as measuring is one thing everyone will have to do many times in their lifetime.


TC ME07825 2Good quality, accurate,TC ME07825 3 reliable tape measures are important as one cannot afford to make an error, making it easier to measure and mark accurately is a bonus. This is where the new Tork Craft ME07825 measure and mark all in one operation tape measure, rules.

It measures and marks, by locking the blade/tape manually then activating the marker on the tape by pressing the attached button, giving you the all in one MEASURE - LOCK – MARK - RELEASE feature. This it will do on any material and mark up to 50 000 times, in a special red oil-based ink. Not damaging the work piece, you are marking or leaving any unsightly marks that are hard to remove.

It’s an 8-metre tape, with a tough CS (Carbon steel blade), a reinforced hook and belt catch, the body is made from durable hard industrial plastic with a tough rubberized surround for protection with the unique attached marker. Another clever accessory from the leading power tool accessory operators Tork Craft  

TC ME07825 5

This new Tork Craft measure and mark tTC ME07825 7ape is now available to customers from all leading retail outlets countrywide. For more information call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site or   Trade enquiries welcome