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JORGENSEN 01 1Offering a full range of Pipe, Bar, C, Spring/hand, Band, Corner/frame and all specialised clamps

Pony Jorgensen’s range of clamps are made with the highest‑quality materials, for unwavering reliability, and trusted strength. Pony Jorgensen’s mission remains the same as it was more than a century ago to provide customers with a full range of top-quality clamps covering all the popular models, Pipe, Bar, C, Spring, G, hand, Band, Corner, frame and specialised clamps


The company only uses high-quality ductile cast iron, drop-forged, high-carbon steel, and anodized aluminium in their clamps. Zinc orPONY 01 1 chrome plating is added to many clamps for increased durability and rust resistance. Cold-drawn steel screws let you clamp with confidence.


These are available in aluminium and steel having an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making them strong, lightweight perfect for both the commercial and DIY applications. The bars are crafted from an anodized, rust-resistant aluminium, and their rectangular design creates a stable clamping surface for edge gluing. The tail-stop’s trigger spring takes advantage of notches on the bar to lock into place. The steel version of their bar clamps is seriously strong cast-iron stationary and sliding heads, merged with a high-carbon, rust-resistant steel bar that packs a whopping 100,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength.


PONY AC50 4 1The iconic Pony 1.9 cm pipe clamp has become America’s most popular and widely used pipe clamp design. The original steel multiple-disc-clutch design allows a secure hold and instant adjustment at any point along the pipe, without fear of slipping or pipe crushing. Crafted with strong, durable iron casting.


The most popular and complete line of light heavy-duty C-clamps, these are smoothly cut, the acme-threaded steel screw is zinc plated and protected with a black finish for lasting durability. The clamp casting is made with ductile iron for strength before receiving a powder-coated Pony-orange finish. Available in a wide variety of sizes and clamping forces, all with full-closing screws.


Their metal spring clamps are said to be the most durable clamps available, and the hand clamps allow for pressure adjustments to meet any woodworking need.


Perfect for round, rectangular, or irregularly shaped woodworking projects together with the range of quality nylon, canPONY CL HDCC4 1vas, and rapid-acting band clamps.


PONY JORGENSEN 01 clear image 1When a traditional clamp just won’t cut it, try a Pony Jorgensen specialty clamp, choosing amongst the iconic Jorgensen hand screw, and hold-down clamps, cabinet claws, press screws, gear, and edging clamps. All are available in their option of sizes, materials and finish

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Pony Jorgensen is a leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and are available at all leading specialist stores countrywide.

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