The new Kreg® Track Horse makes it easy to set up a sturdy work support anywhere to make any place your workspace. The sturdy steel and aluminium Track Horse goes beyond the capabilities of an ordinary sawhorse, thanks to dual-mode clamping with an included Kreg Bench Clamp, adjustable legs, and the ability to accept a sacrificial cutting surface. The Track Horse is portable, and expandable by pairing with a second Track Horse, or with a Kreg Mobile Project Centre to create a large work surface or cutting platform.

What does it do?

The versatile Track Horse supports workpieces during a variety of DIY and woodworking tasks, it can be adjusted to six different working heights thanks to sturdy, folding legs. The Track Horse also provides secure clamping with an included Kreg Bench Clamp that can be used

in the aluminium track on top for hold-down clamping, or in the ends of the leg brackets for vise-style clamping. The track also accepts a sacrificial wood surface for protection while cutting.

What problem does this solve for me?

The Track Horse provides a great solution for anyone who wants a sturdy, versatile workspace that’s also portable and folds down for storing away. It offers capabilities beyond an ordinary sawhorse, such as the ability to adjust working height, and the clamping capability offered by the included Kreg Bench Clamp.

Because the Track Horse can be used in pairs, or used with the Kreg Mobile Project Centre, it also provides a way to set up a large, stable, and versatile workspace anywhere you need it.

How does it work?

The Track Horse is simple to use. Just swing the legs down and lock them in place, and then adjust it to the working height that fits your task. When you need to hold workpieces in place, use the Kreg Bench Clamp in the track on top, or in the keyhole slots on the ends. Just squeeze the handles, and the clamp’s Automaxx® technology adjusts the clamp automatically for a secure hold. When you want more work space, use a pair of Track Horses, or one-Track Horse and a Kreg Mobile Project Centre, to create a large work surface or cutting platform.

Key Features

Works alone, paired, and with Kreg Mobile Project Centre

Heavy-gauge steel construction for long-lasting strength

Adjustable legs offer six working heights, plus floor-level use: height 19 cm, width 84 cm, depth 24 cm, weight 11 kg and the overall construction supports 998 kgs in weight

Ground-level use with legs folded matches the height of the Kreg Mobile Project Centre.

Aluminium track accepts included Kreg Bench Clamp

Keyhole slots in ends accept Bench Clamp for vise-style clamping

Track accepts a 2x4s (51 mm x 102 mm) sacrificial cutting surface using included bushings

Included support brackets accept 2x4s (51 mm x 102 mm) for joining to a second Track Horse or Mobile Project Centre


1. Single unit

2. Single unit showing legs

3. Two units paired

4. Folded unit

5. Unit paired, and with Kreg Mobile Project Centre

6. Two units with top board

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