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norton logoIn 1885, seven Worcester entrepreneurs bought the patent for a grinding wheel from Frank Norton, owner of the Water Street Pottery Shop, where the formula for the grinding wheel had been invented. They also bought his company name. And, Norton Company was born.

What began as a tiny start-up, Norton began to grow rapidly. By 1920, we were one of the 400 largest industrial companies in the United States. As we grew, we diversified into industrial products other than abrasives, and became a major multinational corporation. Norton became a publicly held company in 1962.

In 1990, Norton was acquired by Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest industrial companies. Saint-Gobain began an ambitious program of acquisitions and joint ventures to strengthen its North American business, and undertook extensive modernization in Worcester. In 2001, Norton Company changed our legal entity name to Saint-Gobain Abrasives.


pic1 tThe Head Office for Saint-Gobain Abrasives South Africa and home to around 20 employees - customer services, finance, technical support and sales is based at Samrand N1 Business Park. It’s here where the day to day running of the SA operations are managed. We have access to state of the art conference and training facilities on site, used for customer training and for performing demonstrations on new innovative Norton products.

It is with great excitement that we are announcing three product ranges specifically aimed at the South African DIY market:

NOR Metal Cutting and Grinding disks are aimed at the entree level DIY market for grinder blades and disks. It offers a low cost yet good performance solution
for cutting or grinding of steel by utilizing a sharp aluminium oxide bonded grain. It has high stability up to 80m/s for straight cutting.decap 1

Décap’, a new range of abrasive discs for grinders and drills, was introduced on Télématin (French TV show - 1.1 million audience). cee 1

These products facilitate the work of stripping and bring a new DIY solution. Indeed, Norton Décap’ has developed a tailor-made response to the different problems arising from stripping wood, metal, paint or rust, cleaning stone and concrete, sanding curved or embossed supports or deburring welded joints.

Simple and comfortable to use, Décap’ Express and Décap’ Extrême offer high technical qualities. For example, the Décap’ Express Wood and Varnish disc can strip off 5 coats of paint and varnish over 20cm² in less than 30 seconds.

CEE DIY UNIVERSAL line for DRY cutting general building materials, i.e. concrete rims and paving slabs, concrete blocks and clay bricks, silicates.

grinder2Significant improvement in life (+ ~100%)

CEE DIY BRICKS & TILES line for DRY cutting hard and fragile building site materials, i.e. roof tiles, clinker bricks and cladding tiles, concrete paving slabs.

Significant improvement in life (+ ~60%)
Significant improvement in speed (+ ~25%)

CEE DIY CERAMIC TILES line for DRY and WET cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles, terracotta, and natural stones, i.e. limestone, marble.

Improvement in life (+ ~15%)

norton safetySafety of workers using abrasive cutting and grinding wheels is our primary concern. All Norton abrasive wheels are developed, manufactured and safety tested in accordance with the European standard EN12413, safety requirements for bonded abrasive products. In addition, all Norton products meet stringent requirements of the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa). Saint-Gobain Abrasives is a founding member of the oSa organisation.

Quality-wise Saint-Gobain Abrasives is fully ISO accredited:
ISO 9001: certifies Quality Management system is in accordance with requirements
of quality standards.
ISO 14001: certifies Environmental Management system is in accordance with
requirements of environmental standards.
OHSAS 18001: health and safety at work certification.