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The Essential Group would like to welcome Arthur, Tersia and the whole Snel family from Seabreeze, a highly respected retailer based in Amanzimtoti, KZN, to the family.

To frame this article, it’s important to discuss the main reason Seabreeze felt comfortable to partner with The Essential Group. 


Previously, most supplier accounts were being run through a central head office group account, creating a relationship gap between Seabreeze, the individual store, and their suppliers. As a result of this relationship gap, the Owners of Seabreeze experienced a serious constraint on their ability to maximise their entrepreneurship to be able to act decisively on local opportunities as they arose. The central account itself, became more of a problem than the helpful service it was expected to be, and in fact, was likely to  cost Seabreeze substantial bottom line contribution for early settlements and other deals they relinquished to their Buying Group. 

Conclusion: The central account service was a burden to the business.

Solution: The Essential Group offerings. Customised to a specific need.

The cement industry is seen as a good indicator of a country’s economic growth as it is the key input material in infrastructure, development and much like the rest of the modern world, the foundation of South Africa is built on this premise. Yet, according to Njombo Lekula, Managing Director of PPC RSA, sub-standard cement products are threatening the built environment industry and placing South African lives at risk. Usage of sub-standard cement has various implications that may negatively affect the sustainability of buildings and structures thereby leading to increased repair or maintenance costs, injuries and fatalities due to structural failures or collapse.

During a normal market surveillance exercise whereby competitors’ products were all tested for comparison, PPC found that some products supplied by cement producers were sub-standard and warranted further investigation.

Quick, Convenient one hand Clamping with full Automatic Adjustment

Kregs AutoMaxx clamp range are the world’s most advanced clamping system, making clamping tasks fast and fool proof. They automatically adjust to match the thickness of your material whether it’s thick or thin or in-between. Just set the clamping pressure you want once and Automaxx technology does the rest. The Kreg AutoMaxx clamps are available in Face, Bench and Bar Clamp models with several size options.

Other features they are easy-to-regulate pressure with a simple thumbscrew, the large clamp faces spread pressure evenly, all the clamps have Ergonomic padded grips to prevent hand fatigue and work with all the Kreg Jigs, the R3 Clamp Pad Adapter, as well as the Portable Base units.

ITC001[Johannesburg, 8 August 2019]: In an effort to boost skills development in South Africa’s roofing industry, the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), the professional body for the engineered timber construction sector, will be hosting a CPD-accredited workshop on Understanding Roof Inspections in both Johannesburg and Cape Town from 22 to 24 October 2019.

Any person who is interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in timber roof structures will greatly benefit from this informative workshop, which covers a comprehensive technical overview of prefabricated timber roof structures and the inspection thereof. The workshop aims to enable the individual to execute and apply their knowledge and skill in the interest of public safety, and to execute their work in accordance with general norms and regulations.

Award-winning technology from the Austrian drill bit leader

The two new SMASH and SHARP Alpen products have to be the creation of the century, when it comes to technology innovation and clever design. Launched in South Africa on a recent Vermont Sales trade show these new Alpen products made a huge impact to the customers as these new tools are certainly revolutionary when it comes to new drilling technology, viewing the demostrations they were certainly an eye-opening experience and will cause a new interest in the industry

23 July 2019: Pratley’s products for the automotive sector range from Pratley Steel Putty to Pratley RTV Silicone Gasket Maker. Both of these products have found wide acceptance in the automotive sector, Pratley National Sales & Marketing Manager Mark Bell highlights.

 A must have for every home kitchen, workshop and industry using scissors and knives

The Multi Sharp MS1901 Knife and Scissor sharpener, has become one of the most popular and successful sharpeners worldwide for the Multi Sharp group. As it can sharpen a most knives and scissors. It sharpens right and left-handed scissors, restoring a very sharp edge to the correct perfect angle, it is suitable for all smooth edge knives, cleavers, choppers and mezzalunas.

TORK CRAFT TCFL300 Packaging LED BULBFor back up lights for load shedding, camping, caravanning, indoor home mobile lights and all outdoor use

This new Tork Craft LED bulb style lamp with its handy hanging hook has become the most popular mobile lighting product in the Tork Craft range this year, snapped up by customers locally mainly due to our numerous power failures, load shedding and our poor electricity supply in the country, these clever units can quickly be activated offering  an exceptionally bright lamp that can be hung up in key spots in the home and left there. They are also handy for large dark cupboards, walk in dressing rooms, tool/garden sheds and workshops

TC GUN KIT KT2789 PackagingThis KT 2789 set has been manufactured to be used on over 100 new and antique firearms models

Tork Craft has created and produced this exclusive tailor made 89-piece gun repair and maintenance screwdriver tool bit set for all gun owners, gun shops, hunters, collectors, gun smiths, target and combat shooters. Designing all the induvial tools bits to fit all the popular brand firearms covering rifles, shot guns, antiques and all handguns.

TC620000 2Designed, specced and manufactured, for racing enthusiasts, drivers, riders, teams, workshops and automotive industry professionals

Just launched by Tork Craft is their range of limited-edition Racing Tool cabinets, Trollies and Top boxes, with their own new look. This project was given to the Tork Craft inhouse industrial designers and R&D team, to create a limited edition Tork Craft Racing, range of tool cabinets, trollies and top boxes. The Tork Craft team went to work and met the brief to develop the perfect product, the “Tork Craft Racing Limited Edition,” starting with their very own colours the white and grey powder coated hi gloss body finish, with red, yellow and black silk screen branding. For the VW HERBIE race fans the number 53 with its red blue customized racing stripes

Marks up to 50 000 times

TC ME07825 PackagingThis new Tork Craft measure and mark all in one tape measure is a must have for all users, wood workers, DIYers, workshops, carpenters, builders, construction, all homeowners and the general service industry. Tape measures are used by everyone, its one of the first and most important tool or accessory one buys and a must have. Most users will own a few tape measures, for the home, workshop and in the workplace as measuring is one thing everyone will have to do many times in their lifetime.

RAWLPLUG the original creators’ designers and manufacturers of the very first fixings and suppliers of all fasteners, technical advanced Gas powered nailers and dispenser guns.

The one stop company for all types of fixing, fasteners, tools and equipment with thousands of product line items the largest range in this Industry

RawlPlug today are the world leading manufacturers of specialist anchoring and fixing systems, with distribution on every continent. The word RawlPlug is the word that is used by the trade, retailers and all DIYers, worldwide few people know that this name is held by the original creators, Rawlplug.

The Essential Group Breaks New Ground with the Opening of their Training Centre

Johannesburg, RSA: On the 12th of June 2019, The Essential Group held the official launch party for their new business and training centre, SITE 66! This centre is set to be a key contributor to The Essential Group, as well as to the community, offering comprehensive, sustainable supply chain solutions that ensure effective procurement, B-BBEE compliance, CSI, accredited training, and enterprise and supplier development within a sustainable eco-system.

JORGENSEN 01 1Offering a full range of Pipe, Bar, C, Spring/hand, Band, Corner/frame and all specialised clamps

Pony Jorgensen’s range of clamps are made with the highest‑quality materials, for unwavering reliability, and trusted strength. Pony Jorgensen’s mission remains the same as it was more than a century ago to provide customers with a full range of top-quality clamps covering all the popular models, Pipe, Bar, C, Spring, G, hand, Band, Corner, frame and specialised clamps


Gunge Spunge from Pratley is supplied in 12 kg bagsjpg11 June 2019: Well-known manufacturer Pratley recently identified a need for a product that can be used in pollution control. More specifically, in the easy and efficient clean-up of liquid spills in the mining and other industrial sectors. The result was more than they had hoped for, and a completely natural, mineral-based product called Gunge Spunge was born.