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Trend setter within the lighting industry

Since its inception in 1991, Eurolux has been a trendsetter within the lighting industry, with its finger on the pulse of international innovation and style. We are a locally grown company that always seeks to bring the latest quality designs to the South African consumer; a company that understands that the lighting you select makes a statement about you and your style.

With that in mind, we welcome customers to our lifestyle showrooms situated in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These are designed to simulate actual homes, showcasing lighting in its intended environment of use. Here distributors and their clients are invited to view the entire Eurolux range and tap the knowledge of our experienced sales consultants. As an importer and distributor, we do not sell directly to the public which means that our partner stores are vitally important to us, and our lifestyle showrooms were designed with them and their customers in mind.

As a regular attendee of some of the biggest lighting shows in the world, Eurolux brings local consumers the latest cutting edge designs from the capitals of Europe and the design houses of the East, while not neglecting local talent. Careful selection has allowed us to grow our product range into a substantial portfolio of innovative functionality and style.

Apart from selling and distributing products to specialised lighting shops, independent electrical wholesalers and numerous chain stores in South Africa, we also export products to neighbouring countries and are expanding into Africa through strategic partnerships. Eurolux acts as the sole agent for several outstanding manufacturers from Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. All imports are subject to stringent quality checks, resulting in Eurolux being awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) stamp of approval.

The company is driven by three directors that have established an integrated company culture that sees all levels of staff interacting and working together to bring you the lighting product you need. This warm approach extends beyond the company to Euroluxs partners and clients, as we believe that spending time with our clients helps to ensure that we deliver lighting products that meet your needs.

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