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Manufacturers of high quality reinforced hose products

Reinforced Hosing has been manufacturing high quality reinforced hose products, in South Africa, since 1999. Our range of flexible reinforced hose products will meet all your requirements; from Garden Hose, agricultural dragline, clear tubing, clear reinforced tubing and mining hose.

We offer an in-house packaging solution that caters to your every need, giving you a product that is retail ready as you receive it. We deliver throughout South Africa and continue to expand into African and international markets.

We are very pleased to have recently been awarded SABS certification, manufacturing to SANS 1086:2007 standards.

Hydroponic courses for everyone

Hydroponics consultants

With in-depth academic knowledge and over a decade’s experience in growing fruit and vegetables hydroponically, DaisyFresh is ideally positioned to offer consultation services to anybody planning to start a hydroponic garden – to grow produce commercially or for their own enjoyment – or for established hydroponic growers wishing to improve their yield or business.

Hydroponics kits and courses

In addition to being a supplier of quality hydroponic systems, DaisyFresh holds courses for both beginners and those with some knowledge of hydroponics. Our courses take place at the end of each month, at a venue just outside of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

d SABS certification, manufacturing to SANS 1086:2007 standards.

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