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Plus Ten Hardware was established in 1989. Twenty Five Years ago, the Hardware Industry was virtually controlled by Wholesale Hardware Merchants. Most of the local manufacturers distributed their products exclusively through them. The Wholesalers established their own forum, called the Wholesale Hardware Association, and through this body, amongst other things, dictated pricing structures to the Hardware Retail Trade.

Plus Ten was established with the direct purpose of challenging the Wholesaler alliance. Applying the principal of the 80/20 rule, Plus Ten product range included the 20% of stock items that represented 80% of the Hardware Stores total turnover and offered these items to Hardware Stores at largely discounted prices.

As a result of this strategy, Plus Ten was boycotted by many manufacturers and struggled to fill stock ranges. However as time progressed the market changed and most of the traditional Wholesalers closed their doors. Cash & Carry stores surfaced and the Mass Multi National Corporations were entrenched.

Plus Ten not only survived this progression, but grew stronger.
Over the past twenty five years Plus Ten has evolved with the times and has had to adjust to accommodate market changes. Service and price has remained the main focus of operations. We now service 3200 retail customers from a well stocked 6500 square metre warehouse.

Conveniently situated in Reuven, Booysens, a suburb south of Johannesburg and with easy access to the major highways. North, South East and West.

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